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Membership at Delaware Bible Church is an opportunity for each individual who is in Christ Jesus to make a mutual commitment to one another founded in shared beliefs, values, and vision for the furthering of God’s purposes for His church.
Membership does not merit God’s salvation or necessarily His blessing; however, the commitment to one another and to the purposes of His church is God’s desire for all those who have trusted in Christ Jesus.
Our membership covenant is not intended to be merely acknowledged. It should be established in each of our hearts and minds for purposeful participation and commitment to the church and to one another. The intent of a covenant commitment is not to be a one-time event, but a continual, conscious, chosen commitment of one’s life. This embodies the essence of our relationship with Jesus Christ and His desire for His church.
An element of membership is understanding and agreeing with DBC’sDOCTRINE, as taught in God’s Word. The process of learning and growing in Christ is a core desire of God for each of our lives, and therefore a core purpose of DBC. Because each individual is at a different place in that process, we recognize that not every doctrinal position is always clearly understood by each individual. Those desiring membership will be interviewed to discern understanding and agreement with the issues of the Membership Covenant.