LIFE Groups

LIFE Groups are groups of individuals that meet regularly in homes for the purpose of

Love, Instruction, Fellowship, and Encouragement! These groups typically meet on the 2nd and 4th

Sunday evenings of the month, although a few groups meet at other times throughout the week.
Due to the size of our congregation, meeting together weekly for corporate worship does not always facilitate the development of meaningful relationships between all members. It is too easy for people, hurting or otherwise, to “fall through the cracks.” God is intensely devoted to relationships—we should be, too.
Currently we have 14 active LIFE Groups. While a majority of these groups meet within the city limits of Delaware, three meet in Delaware County (near Powell and Ostrander) and two others meet in Union County (near Ostrander and Richwood).
If you are not yet part of a LIFE Group and would like to learn more, please contact the Church Office for more details regarding meeting times and locations as well as groups that have child care options.