Mission work at home and abroad is a major component of the ministry of Delaware Bible Church. We partner with numerous families and individuals who have dedicated their lives to full-time ministry. They may serve as pastors, support personnel, Bible translators, church planters, prayer warriors, teachers, or something else entirely. In whatever their ministry, they strive to make the name of Jesus known in their community. We praise God for the work that these men and women are doing and are honored partner with many missionaries that have been sent out from our church. We currently support missionaries working in Peru, Colombia, Uruguay, Puerto Rico, Suriname, Brazil, Central America, New Zealand, the Philippines, Chad, Canada, South Dakota, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Texas, and various home offices of several mission boards. We also support a handful of retired missionaries who formerly served in Iran, Ethiopia, Chile, and New Zealand.  Our annual Missions Conference keeps mission work at the forefront of the church and challenges us to look for ways to serve in our own community. Our conference also provides an opportunity to develop deeper relationships with missionaries and to evaluate our personal participation and corporate strategy in reaching the world.