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All sermons are recorded from our Sunday morning worship service unless otherwise noted. 

May 2020

True Discipleship – Mark 10:46-52

Discipleship Interrupted – Mark 10:35-45


An Unexpected Mother – Luke 1:26-38; 46-55

“An Unexpected Mother” from Mother’s Day by Pastor Brad Harris. Released: 2020.

How To Love

“How To Love” from Christianity In Crisis by Pastor Scott Tiede. Released: 2020. 

April 2020

How To Grow

“How To Grow” from Christanity In Crisis by Pastor Scott Tiede. Released: 2020.

How To Trust

The Glory of the Empty Tomb – Mark 16:1-11; John 3:16

“The Glory of the Empty Tomb” from Easter 2020 by Pastor Scott Tiede.

Good Friday Sermon