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“Worship is mind, emotions and will engaged in whole person ascription of worth. Nothing brings glory down in church as quickly and as powerfully as when God’s people unashamedly adore God’s great son, Jesus Christ. Not just a few enthusiasts in the front row when the service starts but a room packed to the walls with fired-up Christians. Not testimony to personal benefit resulting from gospel belief, but ascription of worth to the God of the gospel.” – James MacDonald

Music Style

We seek to honor God and worship him through a blended style of worship. Depending on the week, you may come to church and be led in worship by a traditional piano and organ, our praise band, or a combination of the two. Regardless of the instrumentation style, our focus is on singing songs that uplift the name and worth of God and not ourselves. Together, we sing together a variety of hymns, contemporary worship songs, and chorus’ that are rich in doctrine, theology, and truth. 

Opportunities to Participate

Are you gifted at singing or playing an instrument? Do you have a heart and interest in helping lead others in corporate worship? We’re always looking for new musicians to join our choir, praise team, special music or various other ensembles that join us throughout the year. Contact the Church Office, Pastor Brad ( or a staff worship leader (see our staff page) to get connected.