Delaware Bible Institute

Delaware Bible Institute (DBI) is our adult Sunday school program. Meeting from 9:15 a.m. – 10:15 a.m. every Sunday morning, the goal of DBI is to equip our local congregation for the work of the ministry (Ephesians 4:12-14). Each class is designed to practically apply the truths of God’s Word so that those who attend will have both a deeper head knowledge of what the Bible says and a deeper heart knowledge of how to practically apply what they’ve learned as we seek to serve the Lord and others.

Classes Beginning 1/7/24

Visionary Marriage

Taught by Pastor Aaron Hedges in the Multipurpose Room

God has an amazing mission for you as husband and wife. Visionary Marriage will help you discover it. The Visionary Marriage series is designed to equip married and engaged couples with a compelling Christian mission for their life together. After years of counseling engaged and married couples, and struggling through issues in their own marriage, Rob and Amy Rienow realized that most Christian couples did not have a biblical mission and purpose for their family. These couples had learned some things about communication, sexuality, and conflict resolution, but they didn’t know the WHY God had brought them together. No resources need to be purchased in advance.

Women’s Study – Luke

A continuing Class Taught by Tracy Tiede in Rm. 304

Women attending this study will continue studying Lydia Brownback’s book Luke: Good News of Great Joy. This study explores the theme of joy, showcasing how the message that Jesus proclaimed to the downtrodden, the hurting, and the outsider is still good news to the world today. Join us! We still have half of the book left to study so it’s not too late to begin learning and fellowshipping with us. Book Cost: $10.

Two Different Destinations

A continuing Class Taught by Rev. Paul Wright in Rm. 303

It’s a wonderful time to join us as we continue to study the doctrine of “last things” and how different strands of doctrines can lead us to distinctly different places. It is important to study, compare, and understand these systems of belief and where they lead us. You’re invited to join us as we do so.

Pursuing Certification in Biblical Counseling

Taught by Pastor Jim Stevanus in Rm. 212

We live in a broken world with increased transparency energized by social media. Consequently, more people now openly share their struggles and desperately yearn for answers. Unfortunately, much support remains behavioral and emotional and primarily addresses the surface. Biblical counseling, however, aims much deeper, understanding that the heart of the matter is the matter of the heart. Instead of worldly quick-fixes, labels, and reflections, biblical counseling offers long-term, restorative, healing solutions.

While certification is not for everyone, the process invites excellence and competence in our soul care toward others as we walk with hurting, weary individuals and point them to victorious steps in the journey. Life happens and when it does, we can get turned around and find ourselves upside down. Hence the need for the good medicine of biblical counseling.

Our certification is with ACBC (Association of Certified Biblical Counselors) and involves three phases of completion:

1.Learning (reading 1,000 pages, observing 10 cases, completing basic training course)

2.Exams (a theology and a counseling exam)

3.Supervision (complete 50 supervised counseling sessions)

Most students will begin at Phase 1 with some further along in this phase. ACBC allots five years to complete all three phases, although many finish in two years! While this endeavor is monumental, it is not an unsurpassable mountain. Pastor Jim, certified with ACBC, will lead and oversee this class for all who desire competence in counseling. He will walk with each student throughout the process, providing insight, resources, feedback, direction, and encouragement.

You do NOT have to pursue certification to join this class. The interaction and instruction will significantly aid your counsel to others. But why not make the investment and join a wonderful team of soul carers who desire excellence in the skill of counseling others for the glory of God!