New Delaware Bible Institute (DBI)

Adult Bible Study Classes

New classes begin 4/3 and will meet each Sunday for the remainder of April – June except for Easter Sunday. All classes will meet from 9:15 a.m. – 10:15 a.m. Children’s classes will be available for children birth – age 18 at the
same time. 

Delight! – Women’s Bible Study

Ladies only!

Join us as we study our way through Psalm 1-30. We will be using the study book, Delight by the Daily Grace Co. Delight takes an in depth look at the character of God and His faithfulness and goodness to His people through every circumstance of life. It reminds us that no matter what we face, we can trust Him.

This class is open to all ladies of the church and will involve fellowship, discussion, prayer, and, of course, growing in our understanding and love of God. Not sure if you can attend class every week? That’s ok! Each Psalm will stand alone so you can join in whenever you can. Katie Lyding and Tracy Tiede will be leading this class in Rm. 304 and the cost is $10. Sign up in the Commons or by contacting Tracy Tiede EMAIL TRACY.

Visionary Marriage – Family Discipleship

God has an amazing mission for you as husband and wife. Visionary Marriage will help you discover it. The Visionary Marriage series is designed to equip married and engaged couples with a compelling Christian mission for their life together. After years of cousneling engaged and married couples, and struggling through issues in their own marriage, Rob & Amy Rienow realized that most Christian couples did not have a biblical mission and purpose for their family. These couples had learned some things about communication, sexuality, and conflict resolution, but they didn’t know WHY God had brought them together. This class will be facilitated by Pastor Aaron Hedges in Rm. 305. EMAIL PASTOR AARON for additional details. 


2 Peter – Bible Exposition

Teaching and learning is important because it involves truth and error. What a student learns becomes ingrained in the heart and soul. The student develops an attachment to it. If this “learning” is false-if the student comes to believe that something untrue is actually true so much the worse. And if that truth or error involves our eternal destiny the stakes only go up. The Christian faith that Peter preached was not just a matter of philosophy, it was a matter of eternal life and death. Yet there were those who were peddling their own propaganda. Falsehoods that contradicted the truth. Peter confronted those falsehoods so that they would not be mistaken for the truth. Peter’s teaching about false teachers and their false teaching is just as relevant today. Join us as we study 2 Peter and learn from Peter’s writing. This class will be taught by Rev. Paul Wright in Rm. 303.EMAIL PAUL for additional details.