COVID-19 Church Update | 3/12/20

Dear Delaware Bible Church,

While we know that God is in complete control of this situation, we want to be responsible to do our part in this time of need. As you may or may not be aware, Governor DeWine announced some additional precautions today to help limit the spread of the virus by directing all public and private schools, Delaware Christian School included, to go on a 3-week Spring Break effective immediately. The governor is also directing Ohioans to limit the size of gatherings to under 100 people. While churches are excluded, we want to do our part to prevent the spread.

This Sunday we will have two morning services at 9 and 10:45AM as usual. There will be no evening services. We will modify our AM services as follows: 1) there will be no Sunday school. However, there will be children’s ministries for Nursery through 3rd grade 2) there will be no greeting time and we will have additional hand sanitizer stations set up 3) there will be no food or coffee service (it’s bring your own coffee) and finally, there will be no passing of offering plates, instead there will be an offering box in the back of the auditorium or you can drop off your offering at the church during normal business hours. We are asking you to stay home if you have any symptoms of being sick. If you are in a high-risk group because of age or pre-existing medical conditions, we advise you to stay home and watch the service live via internet at either 9 or 10:45am. If you are in a high-risk group, but you don’t have internet, consider going to a fellow church member’s home and watching it online there. If you want to come to church, please feel free, but if you just also want to help limit the spread, we support those who wish to stay home and watch online.

Finally, let’s all pray for those in authority who have to make difficult decisions and also that this trial passes soon. Let’s also pray that God would use each one of us during this time to be salt and light to those around us who are worried or fearful.

Thank you, and may God bless you!

Pastor Scott Tiede

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