COVID-19 Church Update | 3/25/20

Wednesday Night Ministry Update


All Wednesday regularly scheduled evening ministries at DBC are cancelled until further notice. The following ministries will be operating digitally at this time:


Awana (age 3 – 6 grade)

  • Children attending Awana will now be permitted to say their Awana sections to their parents until Awana meetings resume.
  • All parents are to sign off on sections that their child completes and then is to email the Awana Leader for that child’s group so that they can record the section completion in the Awana database.
  • If parents have any questions regarding section requirements or if something that the Awana section requires isn’t doable now due to Governor DeWine’s current stay at home order then please send me an email Pastor Brad Harris (our Awana Commander) ( and he will check with Awana to determine a solution.
  • Parents are allowed to give up to 2 helps per section.
    • A help is 2 to 3 words for a Spark and 1 to 2 words for a T&T student.
    • Parents with students in Puggles/Cubbies have the same guidelines as Sparks students but should exercise wisdom in sharing as few words as possible in their helps as the child’s verses are generally are much shorter than the Sparks or T&T verses.
  • Beginning next week, Pastor Brad will be posting a video of the T&T lesson for the week prior to the time that Awana would normally begin (Wednesday night at 6:30 p.m.) All Awana clubbers are invited to watch the video and additional resources for Puggles/Cubbies as well as Sparks will also be sent out regularly through the weekly Awana Update email. The link to each week’s lesson will be available through the Awana Update email, as well as on the church Facebook page ( and at
  • At this time, due to the dramatic changes we have to make to our Awana program, the handbook time goal for this year is for each child to complete their Awana book for the year and nothing more. If they are currently working on other supplemental Awana material after finishing their book it’s fine to continue working on that as well. If a child finishes their Awana book and would like to work on other supplemental material we will see if we currently have it in stock. If we do it can be made available to purchase. If it’s available digitally we can print it off and have it available as well. However, if we don’t have it in stock and it isn’t available digitally please understand that currently Awana is unsure of when shipments will come in due to Covid-19 related shipping changes and it’s very likely that we will be unable to receive items in a reasonable timeframe.
    • Parents can check to see if an item is available by contacting Jalayne Van Gorden (our Awana Administrative Secretary) to see about availability. She can be reached at
  • Some have asked if we plan on still having an awards ceremony at the end of the Awana year. This will depend on the severity of Covid-19 and what’s going on at that time.
  • Any further questions or needs related to Awana can be sent to Pastor Brad Harris (


The Forge Youth Group (7-12 grade)

  • The Forge will be continuing their current study, Cold-Case Christianity: A Homicide Detective Investigates the Claims of the Gospels by J. Warner Wallace digitally through RightNowMedia. Weekly updates regarding The Forge including links to the study will be included in each weeks Forge News email newsletter.


Prayer Meeting

  • Prayer Meeting will be streamed on the church website as well as on Facebook every Wednesday evening from 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Each service will include a scripture reflection, practical ideas on how to lead and disciple your family through this time, and tips on how we can share our faith with others during this time. You’ll also have the opportunity to submit prayer requests that we pray for live on air.

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